Porodo Metal Braided AUX Cable

> SKU: Porodo-Metal-Braided-AUX-Cable
  • Auxiliary Cable
  • Connects Any Two Devices with 3.5mm Port
  • Durable Braided Cable and Metal Shell Makes for a Premium Finish.


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Use at home or on the go use your Metallic braided aux to aux cable with any 3.5mm aux port. the flexible cable makes it easy to connect your car stereo, smartphone, hifi system, laptop, ipod, iphone, ipad, and all other audio-playing devices.

Long lasting quality sound, a double shielded connection means you get uninterrupted, crystal clear sound.

The full-metal connector offers a solid hold, no matter how many times you insert or remove it. We’ve also put your cable through rigorous quality-control checks to further ensure long-lasting durability and audio quality.